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Bulletproof Matcha

The idea is taken from Dave Asprey, who in the last few years, has popularized his invention of 'Bulletproof Coffee'. Bulletproof coffee is brewed black coffee with large amounts of healthy fats from the addition of MCT-Oil (or coconut oil) and unsalted grass fed butter.

The idea behind the butter and MCT oil is that most of our diets are lacking in healthy fats, that adding them to your morning coffee lets you feel energized, satiated, without the caffeine crash from regular coffee (much like matcha) and no blood sugar highs and lows from the usual sugar-filled breakfast foods. Check out Dave Asprey's website for more details.

When we took the plunge with the keto diet a few years back, we started our morning with a bulletproof matcha and thoroughly enjoyed the experience and taste. There are many different recipes out there but we used the following recipe:

Bulletproof Matcha Recipe
1 teaspoon unsalted grassfed butter
1/2 tablespoon MCT oil
1 teaspoon Hachi Matcha (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Shincha or Platinum, the choice is yours).
12 ounces of hot water

1 Sift the matcha powder into a glass (this ensures no lumps in the matcha powder)
2 Pour in hot water, then add butter
3 Add the MCT (coconut oil)
4 Use an electric milk frother or put in the blender and mix for about 15 seconds.

We were weary to try the concoction initially but It actually tasted delicious. It fact, it was the creamiest glass of matcha we've ever tried. How did we feel afterwards? It's hard to say, matcha on it's own makes us feel pretty energized but adding some fat to fuel the brain is always a positive thing. We did notice that our appetite was suppressed for a few hours afterward. 

If anyone has any personal experiences with bulletproof matcha, we would love to hear from you. Pop by the shop or send us an e-mail at

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